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Apple Computer & iPad Lessons

Apple Lessons & Classes In Our Store

The Apple Store can be crazy at times. So we offer private lessons in our store in a quiet, controlled, and inviting environment for you and our technicians to sit and take their time with you to answer all of your Apple questions. We give private one on one iPad lessons, Macbook lessons, iMac lessons and even iPhone lessons. Wheather it’s related to iCloud, iPhoto, synching, creating spreadsheets, or even the basics like email and browsing the internet. We can also advise you on what Apple products would be best for you. We have all of the answers right here.

Apple Macbook & iMac Computer Support

Have your Apple products supported by Apple Certified Professionals. Our certified techs support all models of Apple computers. From iMac’s to Macbook Pro’s and even Mac Pro computers. We only work on Apple products, so that makes us pretty good at what we do.

In Home Apple iPad & Computer Lessons

From general questions to wireless network troubleshooting and setup. We can do it all. We will not only help you setup your new iPad, iPhone, iMac or Macbook computer, we can also install a wireless network and wireless printer in your home. Many people don’t even realize that you can print wirelessly from an iPad or iPhone. And we can show you how. We also assist in internet trouble connection issues, router problems, modem problems, and we can even deal with Comcast or Xfinity tech support for you.


I got hit with a virus the other day that said I need to call a number and pay them to remove it. I brought it to Cobalt and Jason explained to me that it wasn’t a virus, but that he’d get rid of it and tell me how I got it and how to avoid it in the future so that I don’t have to keep paying him. They are so honest at Cobalt Computers. I’m so happy that they are where they are!

Breilly(Taken from Apple Consultants Network website.)
Garrett M.

Jason is amazing. I dropped my computer off and found that the logic board was defective. Since new parts were not available, he dropped it off at Apple for me which managed to not only get me new parts and warranty, but also save me a TON of money. He also removed my drive so it didn’t get wiped by apple and charged a fee that was more than fair to reinstall. It is very rare for a company to go so far above and beyond. They have earned a customer for life.Garrett M.

Garrett M.

Whether I am in the store for tutoring or had him in my home to troubleshoot wireless networking issues, this consultant (Jason) is consistently on top of his game. Not only is he knowledgeable about Apple products, he has a depth of computer knowledge that is noteworthy. He is thorough in his work, consistent, and provides great customer service. I highly recommend him.

AppleFanForever(Taken from Apple Consultants Network website.)
Robert R.

I never think to go anywhere else for service, training, or advice. Jason and his staff are fantastic!

Robert R. R*****
Pinnacle Financial Advisors

Robert R.

Over the past few years I have used Cobalt for everything from wireless network help, to helping me order my iPads and iPhones. They are always there for me, and they are the best at what they do, hands down. I would highly recommend them to any one in need of help with Apple products.

TC316(Taken from Apple Consultants Network website.)

The employees at Cobalt always know how to fix my issues. Every single time. Thank you.

BigJack(Review taken from Apple Consultants Network website)

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Below are some of the services and support that we offer by our Apple Certified Technicians

    • iPad & iPhone Lessons
    • iPad Classes
    • Macbook Lessons & Classes
      • iCloud Synching Help
      • iCloud Backups
      • iPhoto Lessons & Help